2 Steps to Choosing the Right Backsplash Materials

personalized kitchen backsplash idea

Custom backsplash for artist to showcase their work in their own kitchen! What does your backsplash say about you?

Backsplashes are like your yard. They have to be strong to endure everything your family throws at it and steps on it with. Yet at the same time, most people would prefer it to be as low maintenance as possible and soft to the touch. Nobody likes crabgrass, or cutting yourself while trying to clean your backsplash. On top of all of that, they have to be attractive. Yards are just as important as first impressions, because that’s exactly what they are. While backsplashes are the focal point of the most important room in the house- the kitchen. Both yards and backsplashes can tell people a lot about you, if you want them to. Otherwise if you don’t, I guess that says something about you too.

So there’s absolutely no pressure about choosing the right materials for your backsplash. (Said dripping in sarcasm). Here are some rules of thumb to help build your confidence that you’ll choose the right backsplash:

Compare- Follow our Dream Kitchens board on Pinterest and other sources to find the look you like. Then research materials you can use to achieve that look and what maintenance they require. For example, many stone backsplashes require sealing every so often. If the maintenance doesn’t sound appealing to you, eliminate that material from your choices.

Glass and other unique materials can be used, but the best backsplash materials are somewhat smooth and hard finished.  Here’s a great link that goes over the best and worst backsplash materials.

Test- Once you have materials narrowed down to 2-3 options, you need to get samples to test them. Do you abhore cleaning this material anywhere else in your house? For example, I really wanted stainless steel tiles on my backsplash, but my mom told me to think first because I complained about cleaning my stainless steel appliances.

If it’s a material that you’re not familiar with or haven’t had it in your home before, then I strongly suggest getting a sample and putting it in front of your current backsplash. Observe how often you have to clean it and gauge how difficult it is to clean it. High gloss ceramic tiles are easiest to clean, preferably larger tiles to minimize grout lines. The darker the grout, the better to hide dirt, obviously. Anything with tiny nooks and crannies that’s easy for dirt to get into, but difficult for you to, should be reconsidered. Grout maintenance can be significantly more than it is to maintain the tile, so keep this in mind when choosing tile size.

We’d love to see your backsplash ideas, or help give ideas for your backsplash if you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen!

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