Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

If you need a reason to remodel and update your kitchen, the coolest new kitchen cabinet accessories should convince you. There are so many unique storage ideas and ways to use ‘dead’ space in kitchen cabinets these days. These are such great innovations, that you will not be able to live without them after having experienced them firsthand. Here are a couple of our favorite kitchen cabinet accessories:

Interior Kitchen Design_Double cutlery drawer

Double Cutlery Drawer: Who wouldn’t want this in their kitchen? This amazing drawer utilizes the dead space in the drawer since your silverware isn’t as tall as the drawer. Now you can keep all of the cooking utensils in your kitchen all in one drawer. Everyone was amazed when they saw this in the kitchen we showcased at the 2013 Parade of Homes Remodeler’s Showcase.

Interior Kitchen Design_Corner storageKitchen Corner Storage: Corners have always been an issue in a kitchen. We just started a project where they did a whole wall of base cabinets but you can only open the ones in the corner about 3 inches before you hit the stove. That space might as well be useless if you don’t have the right kitchen cabinets! If you’re cabinets are so old, they didn’t even account for a lazy susan to be used in the corners, then it is definitely time to upgrade.

Interior Kitchen Design Spice RacksSpice Rack Drawer: These amazing spice racks serve multiple purposes. For starters, it’s awkward to have an exposed side of the stove, so you can throw in a small spice rack to make the kitchen look more cohesive. The other, is when you don’t want to get 100% custom cabinets and you have some extra space. Spice racks make great fillers and their soft close doors ensure your spices don’t fly all over everytime your children close it.

Interior Kitchen Design_Pull Out Sink TrayPull Out Sink Tray: This is my favorite accessory because it lets you use the dead space around your sink. The cupboard underneath is already pretty much worthless except for cleaning supplies. Pull out trays allow you to keep your sponges and stuff hidden. Isn’t that brilliant?

Would these kitchen cabinet accessories make your life easier?

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