Our Process

We ask.
Then we listen.
This process is all about you and making your home work for you and how you live in it.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Process:

Once you decide to go with Ohana the design phase can last 2-4 weeks to make material selections and finalize the layout. Below is a timeline that demonstrates the typical kitchen and bathroom remodeling process you can expect when working with Ohana Construction. The construction phase of a kitchen remodel typically lasts 6-8 weeks and 4-6 weeks for a bathroom remodel depending on the scope of the project and materials selected.

Basement/Decks/Additions Remodeling Process:

When creating new spaces, we like to start with drawings by an architectural designer. We have an excellent designer we’ve been working with for many years that has excellent knowledge of the construction side of design. After the design is finalized, it’s a similar process to the kitchen and bathroom design process outlined below. We provide an estimate for how long the construction of your project will take when we review the proposal with you.

Ohana has defined a comprehensive process that takes every project from start to finish. Our process is designed to make the entire process stress free and fun.

1.) Phone call and Home visit

Discussion about project scope

Schedule a home visit

We will go through our project questionnaire and discuss your project in detail

Home visit will typically last an hour, an estimated project cost range will be discussed

If a written proposal and preliminary plans are desired a small fee will apply, which is applied to the final price of your project - we will take pictures/measurements in order to create a preliminary design

2.) Proposal and Initial design

Ohana prepares a written proposal and detailed work scope for you to keep

Preliminary 3D renderings are drawn for you to view

Proposal meeting takes place at the Ohana showroom in Mendota Heights

Once ready to move into the design phase, we require a design retainer which is applied to the final price of your project

3.) Design phase and Project walk through

Project binders are created

Finalize layout of the space

All material selections – cabinetry, flooring, countertops, tile, lighting and more

All construction plans are drafted – framing, electrical, tile layouts and more

Home visit with our team

Finalizing details and project cost

4.) Project commitment and Construction preparation

Contract sign and down payment

Construction questionnaire completed

All orders placed and permits obtained

Construction schedule is created

5.) Demolition and Construction

Protect existing elements

Dumpster delivery and demolition

Installation of all materials selected

All final inspections

Enjoy your new space!