Back for more…DIY Projects!

I love what I do.  I am remodeler to my core.  The process of taking a space and redesigning it to be more functional, efficient, and beautiful is what I live to do.

Blogging, however, was never really a part of the equation – until now.  My goals are simple – to engage our community, to provide useful information, and to have fun.  Please leave comments, ask questions, suggest topics, and enjoy!

DIY Projects

I’m not the only one who enjoys thinking about redesigning and remodeling.  Whether it is your bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, family room, or play room, chances are good that at some point you have thought about something that would make your space better.  You have thought about something that would make it more peaceful or more stimulating, more creative or more efficient, or simply more fun.  Before starting our business, we enjoyed several of my own “do it yourself,” or DIY projects.  So, over the next several blog entries I will guide you through some common projects and warn you of some common pitfalls.

In general, a good DIY project needs a great plan.  Before starting your own project, consider the following:

1)      What skills are required?

2)      What tools and materials are needed?

3)      Do I have the time, energy, and desire to complete this on my own?

4)      Do I have a backup plan if this project turns into more than I want to handle?

On to our first project…

An Easy Bathroom Upgrade:  Updating Your Vanity

The Details:

A simple update to refresh the look of your vanity would be to give it a fresh coat of paint and a new countertop and faucet.   This is a great way to bring a fresh new look to your bathroom without breaking the bank, or limb in the process.

Approximate cost:  $100 – $500, depending on materials

Skill level:  Easy to moderate, depending on your goals

Tools:  Screwdriver, drill, painting tools, wrench

The Process:

1)  Remove the doors and hardware

2)  Give the vanity/doors a fresh coat of paint (make sure to consult your local paint store for the most appropriate paint and application) and replace the old hardware/hinges with new.  The easiest option is to make sure the new hardware and hinges are the same size/configuration as the existing so you don’t have to drill new holes.

3)  If you feel comfortable enough and your sink faucet has shut off valves, you can also replace your old vanity top with a new one and while you are at it, you can install a new faucet and water lines.

a) Make sure you have help when lifting the old top off and installing the new one.

b) Make sure that the new top has the same size backsplash and sidesplash so you don’t have to worry about any wall repairs.

c) Be careful with the drain and ensure the new drain is in the same location as the old.

d) Pick a vanity top with pre-drilled holes that work with your chosen faucet (different faucets require different configurations).

There is nothing like doing a project on your own… Once you are done, you get to stand back and smile at your ‘new’ bathroom vanity!