Some of the best I’ve ever worked with

Ohana did a complete kitchen remodel for us. We had a fantastic experience. They were very tactful in helping us select the right layout, materials, and finishes. They let us make the original selections and, upon our request, gave us suggestions to improve our selections. Many times they found materials that looked better, but were less expensive than our choices. Their subcontractors were some of the best I’ve ever worked with; very professional and courteous.

The attention to schedule and finish was a top priority with Ryan and Maggie. They were very insistent with the contractors that they needed to honor their commitments. I witnessed one situation where the electrician got a call to go take care of something on another job while working on my kitchen. Within five minutes, Ryan had the electrician back working on my kitchen.

Ohana helped us out with the inconvenience a kitchen remodel presents. We didn’t realize how hard it is to be without a kitchen for a couple of months. They loaned us a hotplate and a water dispenser that really made things easy. Another thing we didn’t realize is the dust that is generated in the process. They set up a HEPA filter air scrubber that did a great job of minimizing the dust.

It has been eight months now since the job was completed and we are still thrilled with the work that was done. Everyone that has seen the kitchen, has been very impressed with everything.

– M. Tenpas, Apple Valley Kitchen Remodel