I paid less than I had anticipated because this is an HONEST company.

Ryan came out and gave us an estimate on behalf of Ohana Construction to take out an old deck and construct a new one.

Many of the planks that were visible on the surface were rotting. We were definitely way overdue for a replacement. However, when they began to remove the old one, they determined that the foundation and footings were still in good shape and there was no need to replace them. Ryan let me know and reduced the price appropriately.

The job was done beautifully. It was done promptly. Everything was cleaned up and the old deck was removed. Besides ending up with a GREAT finished product, I paid less than I had anticipated paying because this is an HONEST company. Because we were so pleased with their work, we also had them replace a garage door that leaked around the bottom and was causing the garage to get wet after a storm. Again, we were very happy with the end product. I have already scheduled Ryan to come and give me an estimate on some bathroom upgrade that we want done. Now that we have found such a good and honest company, we will just keep moving through the house until we get everything done.

-D. Kupfer-Mead, Bloomington Deck