Comparing Contractor Bids: Allowances

Construction allowances are different than a child's allowance

When you get a bid back from a General Contractor for a remodeling project you’re thinking of doing, allowances are a great thing to compare first. Unlike an allowance you may give your child for doing chores around the house, remodeling allowances refer to the amounts used to estimate the total cost of your project.

For instance, Ohana Construction may put in a $400 kitchen sink allowance in your bid if you didn’t tell us you wanted a specific sink. This just means, that in order to stay within the total price that we’re quoting you, you’ll have to buy a sink for under $400.

Ohana only gives allowances that are for materials we would personally put in our own home, and we will always have plenty of options within your allowance range that you can choose from.

If you ever want something very specific, like a farmhouse sink in your kitchen, then it is very important to let every remodeling contractor you get a bid from know so that they give a proper allowance for it in their bid.

Alllowances are also a very easy place for contractors to ‘leave out’ some costs to potentially make their bottom line bid price look better, so make sure to look at them closely!

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