3 Things to Think About When Designing a Kitchen Backsplash

Your kitchen backsplash can easily be the focal point of your kitchen, if you want it to be. Or, it can be a beautiful accent to the amazing natural stone slab you found for your countertop. Unfortunately though, backsplashes can easily become a source of frustration if you don’t choose the right materials. Below are three examples of things that maybe be frustrating to the owners of these kitchens:

1. Shelves and exposed ‘knick-knacks’: although this look gorgeously staged and very convenient to have your cooking utensils, cookbook and some seasonsings right near the cooktop, to me it just looks like more things to clean when grease splatters. Not to mention that you have to reach over the burners to grab things on the shelf behind it. Especially for a short person like me, this could mean burned shirts or having to grab a stool- both are inconvient.

2. Will it show every water spot? Yes. Although this painted glass is a stunning accent in this kitchen, it’s going to attract any form of liquid spot just like your bathroom mirror seems to attract toothphaste specs. Unless you are a clean freak who actually washes the backsplash after every time you cook, or have a live-in cook and maid, I’d forego glass backsplashes.

 3. Can your fingers fit in all those nooks & crannies? Unless you have ant fingers, the answer is no. Although I personally love slate and have it in my own house, it was not used on my backsplash for a reason. And that is because all those tiny crevices are just more places for grease and dust to accumulate, and insanely difficult to clean. Unless you (or your live-in maid) enjoy scrubbing things with a toothbrush, I wouldn’t recommend using slate or any other rough stone for your kitchen backsplash.
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