Absolutely problem-free

What a  GREAT company.  Husband and wife (contractor and designer) provided professional guidance, installation, design, and handholding throughout a process that was minimally stressing.  Absolutely problem free. Ohana works with several crews, so anytime there was a glitch or additional need, there was another subcontractor ready to step in immediately, resulting in NO delays from the mapped out schedule. Ryan runs a tight ship.

Ours was an emergency remodel, so we jumped in without much of an idea of what we wanted, and it turns out (lol) there are tons of decisions to be made.  It was truly a pleasure to work with Maggie on each one in a bit by bit fashion.  She is attentive and upbeat, and made it all relatively fun.  We were first attracted by the cabinet supplier they work with–Showplace Cabinets; and indeed, these are first rate. Gorgeous wood, with all the high quality features of construction you could wish for. A pleasure to work with them as well.  Likewise, we found all Ohana’s subs were polite, tidy, and excellent.  Six months later, I am still stunned to walk into this kitchen, and it is now a pleasure to work in. Thanks!

– D. Barbee, Crystal Kitchen Remodel