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Our Process

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Process: 

Once you decide to go with Ohana the design phase can last 2-4 weeks to make material selections and finalize the layout. Below is a timeline that demonstrates the typical kitchen and bathroom remodeling process you can expect when working with Ohana Construction. The construction phase of a kitchen remodel typically lasts 6-8 weeks and 4-6 weeks for a bathroom remodel depending on the scope of the project and materials selected.

Basement/Decks/Additions Remodeling Process: 

When creating new spaces, we like to start with drawings by an architectural designer. We have an excellent designer we’ve been working with for many years that has excellent knowledge of the construction side of design. After the design is finalized, it’s a similar process to the kitchen and bathroom design process outlined below. We provide an estimate for how long the construction of your project will take when we review the proposal with you.