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I can’t say enough about Ryan and Maggie (husband and wife team owners of Ohana Construction). This was our first remodel and we were nervous given the horror stories about contractors from friends and family. We knew as soon as we met Ryan that we wanted to work with him if his proposal came in as reasonable, which it did.

At our first meeting, he was low key, easy to talk to, and honest. He was the only contractor we met who told us that he could not personally remove the asbestos tile which covered the entire remodel area since it was dangerous and he did not have a license to do so, but that he could find someone to do it who was licensed and expert in this field. The other contractors we interviewed either did not know what kind of tiles they were looking at, or just said they could “rip it up”. The end result of the remodel was amazing. We could not be happier with our new basement.

The entire process was smooth. Ryan and Maggie’s communications to us were outstanding. At the beginning of the process, they asked us how we’d like to be communicated to about the project. Although we spoke to Ryan every day to ask or answer a question or two, they sent us detailed project updates via email every week, as well as if they had larger questions requiring more detailed answers. Ryan or one of his contractors was on our doorstep at 8AM every day and went right to work, and by 6PM when we arrived home, they were just packing up. Ryan and his team cleaned up after themselves every day. Ryan and Maggie are extraordinarily conscientious. They would update us constantly and let us know if there were any minor issues that were being fixed. Ryan came back several times to readjust a large medicine cabinet just to our liking. Although he is not an interior designer by any means, he would always give us good personal opinions when asked on wood finishes, door selection, layout, etc. The cost of the project was competitive. You might find some general contractors who will tell you that they can do it all for a slightly lower cost. I can’t see how one person can be enough of an expert in all these areas – carpentry, electrical, plumbing, tiling – to do a really good job. We appreciated the fact that Ryan brought in true experts in their field to do the job right. The painter was so thorough he went over his work every night with a flashlight. The night after the remodel was complete we had a minor issue with the plumbing which was corrected immediately the next day. But that night we called Ryan and he was immediately on the phone with the plumber, who called us right away and was in the next day to fix the problem and follow up with us. The electricians were creative and flexible as we brainstormed with them about how and where we would put in new fixtures throughout the basement. As a result of the expert workmanship that Ryan was able to bring in, everything was done well, and it shows. Another thing I’d like to point out is that Ryan was more than fair with us when the inevitable surprises occurred. For example, we had selected very small glass tiles for our entire shower stall. We had no idea how challenging and tricky this type of tile is to install. After Maggie and Ryan, who are very experienced in tiling, discovered that they could not do the job perfectly for us to meet their very high standards, they brought in a senior expert to do that part of the work. I’m sure it cost them a pretty penny to do so, but the cost was not passed on to us. The work was exceptional. I found out later from a friend that she had installed the same tile in her shower and her “professional” was unable to install it straight and it ended up slightly wavy. Another point I’d like to make is that Ryan and Maggie passed along all their trade discounts to us, they did not “mark up” the wholesale costs to make a profit on us. Their philosophy is that if they were not involved in going to the stores to select the tiles, fixtures, and carpeting, they would pass along their discount.

At the end of the project, Ryan and Maggie gave us a gift basket and brought in a cleaning service. What a treat, though it should have been us giving them a gift. Ryan and Maggie care deeply about their business and it shows. They are highly conscientious, excellent listeners, flexible, patient, have a good sense of humor that carried us through the very few and minor but inevitable “hiccups” in the project, extremely responsive, and they care about the quality of what they are doing. They are highly professional and we trust them completely. We have since brought Ryan back in this week to provide us with an estimate for some custom cabinets in our dining room. I highly recommend Ohana Construction and would use them for almost any other work.

R. Szymanski, Minneapolis Basement Remodel
We had our master bathroom upstairs completely remodeled: ceramic tile floor to replace the vinyl, new ceramic shower tile, ceramic skirting to replace the old wood baseboards, new tub, 48″ vanity cabinet and vanity sink, faucet, bath and shower faucets, beveled mirror, and vanity light. We had the old popcorn ceiling removed and replaced with a knock-down texture. All walls and ceiling were painted. New light switches and bathroom fan. Electrical was brought up to code and new carbon monoxide and smoke detectors were installed throughout the house.
As with all remodeling projects there were a few glitches but Ryan handled all issues promptly and professionally and got everything resolved. I am VERY happy with my new bathrooms. If you want a contractor you can trust who has integrity and the highest level of customer service I have ever experienced with a remodel – call Ryan and Maggie to get the job done right. My husband and I are extremely nitpicky but everything we asked Ryan to do he did to our satisfaction.
K. Hauser, Apple Valley Bathroom Remodel

The experience was terrific! Maggie does a lot of their designing work.  You get a 2 for 1 service with them. You aren’t paying for any additional planning or services.  They do it all! They are very thorough and flexible.

S. Dahlberg, Kitchen & Basement Remodel

Ryan came out and gave us an estimate on behalf of Ohana Construction to take out an old deck and construct a new one.

Many of the planks that were visible on the surface were rotting. We were definitely way overdue for a replacement. However, when they began to remove the old one, they determined that the foundation and footings were still in good shape and there
was no need to replace them. Ryan let me know and reduced the price appropriately.

The job was done beautifully. It was done promptly. Everything was cleaned up and the old deck was removed. Besides ending up with a GREAT finished product, I paid less than I had anticipated paying because this is an HONEST company. Because we were so pleased with their work, we also had them replace a garage door that leaked around the bottom and was causing the garage to get wet after a storm. Again, we were very happy with the end product. I have already scheduled Ryan to come and give me an estimate on some bathroom upgrade that we want done. Now that we have found such a good and honest company, we will just keep moving through the house until we get everything done.

D. Kupfer-Mead, Bloomington Deck

Met with Ryan and the cabinet designer to come up with concepts for our kitchen and spare room we wanted to turn into a bar. Ohana used computer designs to come up with the bar and new cabinets. They continued to follow up as the work progressed giving us dates that would fit our schedule. All work was completed to their time lines. The contractors they used for cabinets, tile, electrical, and counter tops were first rate and on an individual basis would recommend them to anyone.

I have to say the Ohana team are very honest and have a high degree of integrity that we found refreshing. Their follow through was very good and I will definitely use them again in any home remodeling projects we have in the future.

J. Huff, Eagan Kitchen Remodel

We chose Ohana Construction based on their ratings on Angie’s List, the plan they offered and on the personality of Ryan. We had two firm bids and talked to several companies over the phone, We asked ourselves who we would want as part of our lives for a couple of months. The choice was easy and we weren’t disappointed. This not to say that everything went smoothly. The start date was delayed because of the strike by Mn state workers. (no electrical inspectors) The cabinets were delayed at the factory and the backsplash tile ended up coming a couple weeks later than promised. The bright side was the we were always kept informed of everything. We were told when the subcontractors would be at the house and informed if there were any delays of any kind. Both Ryan and Maggie were great in helping us make the many decisions that had to be made.

We highly recommend Ohana Construction. That being said, be aware that remodeling is expensive. We spent 60% more than our original budget. This was because of decisions we made, not Ohana construction. Ryan and Maggie were very patient with us and kept us aware of the cost of the decisions were we making. There were no surprises. If you choose Ohana construction, you won’t be disappointed.

S. Kremer, Farmington Kitchen Remodel

From electrical to tile to carpentry (and everything in between), Ryan and Maggie have outstanding suppliers and the quality of work was, in our estimation, exceptional.  We are delighted with our new kitchen and the experience with Ohana.  We would ABSOLUTELY contact them again as other projects come up and recommend them to others looking for their expertise. 

J. Kauffman, Eagan Kitchen Remodel

We remodeled our kitchen which included removing a wall. Ohana Construction came up with two complete designs. Both were using the small space in an efficient and attractive way but were over our budget. When we discussed this with them, they gave us several ways to bring down the cost so the project could go forward. After we made our decision to do the project, we were given a project package that included everything we needed to know. They started right on time, their employees were pleasant, efficient, and knowledgeable. During the teardown, a few unexpected problems were noted inside the wall being removed. They immediately stopped, and called in some people to discuss how to rectify the problem. By the next morning, the supplies needed to fix it and the proper workmen were there to do the work so the project could continue on schedule. My kitchen is gorgeous, efficient, and came in on budget and was completed on the expected completion date. Ryan and Maggie were great to work with and I will use them again if we ever decide to do another project. One of the best things about Ohana Construction is their insistence that they will do the work properly, according to code and high quality workmenship. (When we had the problem with removing the wall, we were assured that the problem would be solved in the proper way – made us feel secure.)

C. Johnson, Burnsville Kitchen Remodel

Ryan and his crew are very professional.  The work was handled expertly and efficiently.  I have worked with Ohana on a couple of different projects over the past 3 years and I simply could not be more pleased with the quality of the work and the helpfulness of Ryan and the guys.  I highly recommend them.

T. Herrmann, Chaska Project

Ohana Construction is very thorough and efficient from beginning to end when tackling my remodel job. I was very impressed with their attention to detail, staying on task and sticking within the budget.

The subcontractors were very reliable and completed each task on schedule, allowing the kitchen remodel project to be completed in a timely manner. The workmanship and oversight of the project was professional and the communication of each stage was good! I am very satisfied and delighted with my new kitchen! Thanks Ohana for a job well done!

J. Strauss, Minneapolis Kitchen Remodel

We have used Ohana in the past and will use them again for any future remodeling needs. They are absolutely wonderful to work with and make the entire process seamless. We highly, highly recommend them to anyone we know for remodeling.

S. Platt, Apple Valley Kitchen and Deck Remodel

I hired Ohana Construction to remodel my bathroom. They were extremely easy and accommodating to work with. When my choices exceeded the budget, they had wonderful and creative ideas to accomplish the look I wanted and stay within the budget. They suggested using the accent tile around the mirror and doing an inset wall feature above the toilet. I was thrilled with the outcome.

Ohana Construction was a joy to work with and I could not be happier with the total renovation. I would highly recommend them.

S. Olson, Eagan Bathroom Remodel
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